Manchester United are hoping to sign center-back Raphael Varane as soon as possible.

The path is made easier by the fact that United allegedly agreed personal terms with the France international that the MEN claimed last week.

Gone are the days when “tapping” was an issue that could be reported to football authorities. The so-called offense is as good as ignored these days.

What United could have done, however, was to destroy their chances of a successful negotiation with Real Madrid by staying behind their backs. With a loner and outspoken club president like Florentino Perez, Real could easily have refused to negotiate with United if they were kicked out.

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Real gave United their blessing

In this case, the unconventional approach of “personal conditions before fees” was endorsed by Real itself.

Spanish newspaper AS reports that selling to raise money is such a “necessity” at Real Madrid that they gave United permission to discuss personal matters with Varane.

The report says that United took an informal approach to the player through an intermediary a month ago and Real decided to let Varane look into their options.

However, if Varane had been determined to sign a new deal Real would have kept him but they understand his desire to move on and possibly get a better deal with United and made the decision to consider a sale.

It’s not done yet. Far from it. But it seems like Varane is leaving and United are the clear frontrunners.

Forget silly talk about other Premier League teams participating. This is United’s deal and the next steps could be quick.

We all know that United Deals likes to drag on. Check out the Sancho deal, which has been running for a year and has not yet officially closed. At this rate, however, Varane could be announced first.

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