How does one assess the popularity of a football team? Obviously, the reasoning cannot be based on the success made by the club in a week, month, or even on the performance of one season. It cannot be assessed on one or two significant trophies won in a particular football season, especially for our beloved Red Devils. For example, history tells us that teams like Nottingham Forest and Derby County have made a relative impact on English football, but none of them is popular in the world. Therefore, it is reasonable to perceive that the elements upon which to make the assessment lies in the team’s success over time and, most importantly, the team’s consistency throughout the duration. Many punters still visit casinos not with Gamstop and other sports sites to wager and chant “Glory, glory Man United”.

The few teams that fall into this category include Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus. Recent achievers include Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Paris St. German. Grouping all these teams together and squeezing the mental ability to pinpoint the best of the best, one can conclude that given history and success in England and European competitions, the Red Devils from Manchester can be crowned as the most successful football team in the world.

Manchester United is a legacy that cannot be forgotten

It is no surprise to consider the Red Devils the best and most popular team in the world when one ponders on the great players wearing the club’s shirt. Footballers like Bobby Charlton, George Best, Nobby Stiles, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronald and others have made an enormous success out of their football careers and made Manchester United a tremendous and successful football team. Good management and perception to get the appropriate players to play for the club are essential elements for the team to flourish and succeed in England and other foreign competitions.

In addition, to the correct choice of players, it is equally important for a football club to select the right manager to manage the team. Manchester United could recruit illustrious managers such as Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. The football vision of both managers has helped Manchester United to consolidate as one of the best and most popular football teams in the world. Despite the tragedy endured by Manchester United during Matt Busby’s time, the manager could move forward and instil in the United’s players the will to follow success for themselves, the club, and their lost colleagues. The success of Sir Alex Ferguson at the club is well known to the current generation of football fans. His discipline, leadership, and vision of allowing young talent to play top-class football enshrined Manchester United’s legacy. The introduction to the first teams of David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Les Brown, and the Neville brothers did not impose financial burdens on the club’s coffers. On the contrary, they produced great football skills and important revenue for the club.

The managing staff past and gone are the ones to leave their marks.

Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson managed the Red Devils for half a century of the club’s one hundred and thirty-three-year history.

Being one of the oldest football clubs in the world also helped to make the Red Devils one of the most popular clubs in the world. Manchester United was originally named Newton Heath LYR Football Club, founded in 1878. In comparison, other current football giants like Real Madrid, founded in 1902, Barcelona and AC Milan in 1899, Liverpool in 18,92 and Arsenal in 1886, have put the Red Devils at an advantage in their football journey aimed at becoming one of the most successful and popular clubs in the world.

The dominance in the UK Premier League

Manchester United is the most successful football club in the English Premier League. The club has won the top division title in England no less than nineteen times. Since the name change from Division One to the Premier League, the Red Devils have won the title twelve times. Other teams like Chelsea and Arsenal have won the Premiership title four and three times, respectively. Current contenders like Manchester City and Liverpool are still far off the mark to impact the Red Devils’ success in the Premier League. Beyond the achievements in the Premier League, Manchester United won the Football Association Cup eleven times, one more than Arsenal, and the Gunners won the FA Cup ten times.

The brand Manchester United has today become an important corporate monster. With a brilliant business strategy and modern-day business tools, the club has successfully put in strategies to market the club’s name and players to the people focusing on youngsters across the four corners of the world. With well-established fan clubs in the most important cities in the world, the club has established itself as one of the major business brands in the world of football. Today the Red Devils have become a global name and are known for the Manchester United football schools and tournaments organized by the club across the globe targeting the younger generations. The international brand name has attracted important business entities like Adidas, AON, Chevrolet, DHL and HCL to sponsor the club financially and assist the management in marketing the brand for an even higher financial gain.

Local and international football that leave a lasting legacy

Playing in one of the most followed and popular football leagues – the English Premier League, has helped Manchester United grow in popularity. The English Premier League is widely followed in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Television stations fight yearly to procure the right to broadcast live Premier League matches. The massive following of football fans has made it possible for football clubs like Manchester United to become a part of the household, which is not necessarily limited to the United Kingdom. The massive merchandising produced by the club and the number of funds generated from selling the products and ornaments reflect the popularity the Red Devils enjoy across the globe. Established players like Cristiano Ronaldo and, in the past, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs have made a tremendous impact on the sale of United’s football jerseys and ancillary products, as well as the enhancement of popularity amongst the worldwide spectrum of football fans.

Manchester United’s heritage and tradition were not achieved in a day or week, and it took the club many years to reach the zenith of the popular league. The club had to face difficulties and challenges, but the resilience of the management, owners, managers, and players alike has made the club what it is today – one of the most popular football clubs in the world.


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