If you love Edinson Cavani, turn the volume up as loud as you can and hit play.

You will not be disappointed…

The above song was written by Uruguayan superfan Sebastian Gomez Barbosa.

He describes himself as a musician and a biology student.

(Photo by FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP via Getty Images)

He explains his idea for the song and says he came up with it when he couldn’t sleep.

Barbosa told the Uruguayan newspaper Ovacion: “The idea came a little bit of a joke and a little bit serious. In January of this year, one morning when I usually have insomnia problems, the chorus came to me. I got up and wrote the song that same night. “

After catching up with his cousin Leonardo De Los Santos, he recorded a music video combining Cavani mural and video clips of the striker’s goals and uploaded it to Youtube less than 24 hours ago.

He sent a copy of the video to Cavani’s mother in Uruguay and is waiting for a response.

Cavani is currently training again with the national team in Uruguay. He is banned from the game this week but will be allowed to play in the Copa America if it takes place.

Cavani scored 17 goals for Manchester United in his debut season for the club and has become a huge hit with fans.

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