Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona. This was the bomb news that surfaced from Spain last night.

Barcelona announced on their official website that Messi will not stay as La Liga cannot approve the contract renewal due to the club’s poor finances despite the intent of the player and club.

It is a logical conclusion to draw that all of this can be ironed out. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Barcelona, ​​Messi and La Liga managed to do this in the days and weeks to come.

But if not, then this is the end of an era. Barcelona and Lionel Messi appeared to dominate Europe for a decade after beating Manchester United at Wembley in 2011. It just didn’t happen.

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Barcelona have only won one Champions League in the next 10 years, with numerous confusing financial decisions adding to their failure on the pitch.

There will be a lot of speculation over the next few days as to where Messi might travel next. Expect the Manchester United name to be added to the mix.

Let’s stay away from all of this. Until there are some really top sources to vouch for a United move to Messi, it’s not worth it.

Instead, we look at three Manchester players who idolize Lionel Messi and have spoken on record of their admiration for the Argentine great.

Messi has fans at United

France international Paul Pogba is an admirer of Messi. Speaking to Sport in 2019 ahead of the Champions League game against Barcelona, ​​he talked about how much he enjoys watching him.

Pogba said, “It’s very nice to see him play because it always means learning. They (Barcelona) have very great players and, above all, an exceptional one (Messi) who is way above the others. “

Teenage prodigy Mason Greenwood caused a bit of controversy this month when he said he admired Messi over former United star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Greenwood told the club website: “For me it always has to be Messi. For me he’s just on another planet. Ronaldo is obviously amazing, a physical, great athletic footballer. But to do what Messi does at his size, what he did for Barcelona and won that trophy for Argentina, he’s just at a different level. “

(LLUIS GENE / AFP via Getty Images)

The last word can go to Scott McTominay, who had to convince team-mate Sergio Romero to secure Messi’s jersey after clashing at Old Trafford in 2019.

Messi had a nasal cut after a challenge from Chris Smalling, but McTominay told the club website that Messi thought it was him.

In the end, McTominay got the shirt, and he had a place in mind to hang it up beforehand. The United star stated: “I said to Sergio Romero, ‘Please can you ask Messi to get his shirt?’

“Sergio comes back and says, ‘Oh, he thinks you were the one who poked him on the center line with your elbow’. I said, ‘No, no, no, no – tell him it wasn’t me, so get me the shirt because it can be done in my bedroom.’ So he knows that it wasn’t me now. “

Messi’s future is in doubt and this could be the end of an era. The whole world is watching and Manchester United stars will be watching what happens next.

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