Manchester United performed poorly against Liverpool to end our busy week in defeat.

United have lost three out of four games in the last eight days and taking a break will be of great benefit to their players.

But before we think positively, there are a few terrible accomplishments to dissect.

After a United win, we want to play a feature every week with the top three players. We couldn’t reach three on this occasion. So instead we have three most disappointing players, with whom we were, to be honest, spoiled for choice …

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a lot of patience with Fred, more than most supporters. He ran out of it last night.

With United 3-1 deficit in the second half, the Brazilian was delighted and was replaced by Mason Greenwood in a tactical shift. United improved immediately.

Nor is this to downplay how poor Fred was. He was dismissed not only for tactical reasons, but because he played poorly.

It was Fred who initially gave the ball away for Liverpool’s third goal. While Luke Shaw got into trouble and lost it a second time, it was Fred’s wayward and pointless pass that initially got United into trouble.

Fred was picked up after just 62 minutes. Tired and out of shape, he had no positive impact on the game, and Solskjaer had the right to get him out of his misery.

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Scott McTominay

While Fred was picked up, Scott McTominay didn’t do much better. He didn’t offer anything, defensive or offensive.

Liverpool bypassed him too easily and his partnership with Fred was second best.

When he caught a glimpse of the goal in the penalty area after a 3-2 cross, he was too slow to react and the ball bounced off him.

McTominay only completed 70 percent of his passports and was booked for his troubles. He’s a different player who looks like he needs a break.

Dean Henderson

While Dean Henderson started the game with confidence, he was perceived to be deficient for both second-half goals United conceded.

Goalkeeping is a position where every goal is checked, especially when someone as talented as David de Gea was on the bench.

The third goal seemed to go through De Gea, while he was too slow for the fourth goal and couldn’t close the corner in a run on Mohammed Salah.

Roy Keane criticized Henderson on Sky for “looking small” in goal. His former teammate Peter Schmeichel was so good at taking out attackers and looking tall and imposing. Henderson could use watching a few videos of the Dane over the weekend.

After De Gea’s outstanding performance against Roma last week, where he admittedly conceded three more goals, fans will wonder whether United are making the right decision to pick Henderson and prepare to sell the Spaniard.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League (Photo by Peter Powell – Pool / Getty Images)

Honorable Mention … all of the defense

It is difficult to pick people on defense as Fred, McTominay and Henderson performed worse. But without Harry Maguire as the glue holding United together, the back four became more disjointed.

Luke Shaw was wrong in trying to do too much after Fred’s mistake when he should have just cleared the ball. There is confidence and then there is confidence.

It was certainly difficult for Eric Bailly to play two games in three days and it is not easy to re-establish a defensive partnership between him and Lindelof if they haven’t played together for so long, especially against a top team. Aaron Wan-Bissaka wasn’t terrible, but as a unit, the back four have to share responsibility for falling short.

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