The Daily Star now report that Ed Woodward’s resignation is related to the failed Super League plans.

Initial reports of Woodward’s resignation said it had nothing to do with Manchester United’s rise over embarrassing botched plans.

The related declaration of the United Club also did not establish any connection.

The fact that he won’t be stepping down until late 2021 is meant to make it look like it has been part of the plan all along.


It wasn’t part of the plan. Every Manchester United fan knows it.

The backlash to Woodward’s idea, the botched Super League, has forced his hand.

It again showed its naked greed. He’s always been more interested in getting United off the pitch commercially than on the pitch.

Relative success on the pitch has always been a means to an end. Keep the money out of European competition and keep United’s marketability.

The Super League’s plan laid this open and tried to take profits even further and completely separate them from performances on the pitch.

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He knew he couldn’t come back. The reception when the fans were back at Old Trafford would have been too hot for him.

The greatest irony is that Woodward was ruined by his own incompetence and arrogance.

He essentially reports to no one but the glasses, and they have been his greatest (only?) Admirers after leveraging the club’s sales and acting as their human shield after Sir Alex Ferguson’s resignation.

So he could have extended his mediocre rule almost indefinitely, but no more.

The job isn’t over yet

Woodward – going
Super League – over
Glaser – Next # mufc

– United In Focus (@UnitedInFocus) April 20, 2021

His plan was so bad that it sparked the anger of United fans at him and the Glazers while mobilizing the remaining football fans in this country.

Despite initial attempts to prove otherwise, the star’s report confirms what we all already knew when news of Woodward’s resignation leaked.

He had no choice but to fall on his sword after standing at the head of a greedy, ill-conceived conspiracy that would have torn English football apart.

Joel Glazer is said to have asked him to reconsider his resignation. This wasn’t part of the plan at all.

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