Ethan Laird was arguably Manchester United’s best loanee player in the first half of the season.

With 14 players loaned out over the summer, that’s an achievement to be proud of.

Laird has loaned four assists from the Swansea City right-back this season and he has impressed in his end-to-end appearances for the club.

Swansea are in 12th place, just three points behind play-off positions.

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In an interview with The Athletic, 20-year-old Laird spoke about his experiences so far and his hopes for the future.

Most noticeable is his confidence that he believes he will make a difference upon his return to United if he continues on his path to date.

Laird said, “Your success affects me so I want you to do well. I keep an eye on them. This is a step I can’t wait for because I believe in myself that I can do it. But I have to show it. “

The young talent has the right attitude. He’s confident but not arrogant. He knows he’s only part of the way to a successful championship season.

Swansea have only played 17 of their 46 league games, so Laird will have to maintain consistency ahead of next summer’s decision time.

He also needs a bit of luck. An injury prevented him from playing for United last season and he will have to avoid a replay next summer.

Full fight for right-backs

Laird is set to join a crowded but winable battle for the right-back next season.

Getting past Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the ultimate goal, but there could also be competition from Diogo Dalot and Brandon Williams.

It is possible, of course, for Dalot to continue, and Williams’ loan from Norwich is not going so well at the moment.

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The main threat to Laird is the prospect of a right-back signing in January.

When a new coach joins, he could identify the position as one where a more experienced player is needed.

Laird just has to come back next summer with the same situation. He would be right to imagine his chances of becoming an attack upgrade over Wan-Bissaka.

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