The Salford Rum Company asks Greater Manchester rum drinkers to identify their favorite rum venues and rum cocktails in the city and beyond to create the official Manchester and Salford rum menu.

The festive map is created by local artist Dave Draws, known for his intricate and popular maps of northern towns and villages. It’s created in time for World Rum Day (July 10, 2021), with Salford Rum founders Tommy and James on social media asking their 13,000 followers to share their ultimate goals for rum and rum cocktails in Greater Manchester.

The insights gained from rum drinkers across the city will be used to create the very first Greater Manchester rum map, which can then be downloaded from the website for free. Drinkers can also volunteer to raise much-needed funds for the Salford Lads Club if they wish, and the original will be raffled off at a special party (details will be announced shortly!) To increase the amount donated.

The brand’s followers have already highlighted venues across the city that boast amazing rum cocktails and hatch.

The makers of the Original Spiced Rum and Dark Spice Rum – popular with locals and rum fans across the country – say the card is a thank you to those who have helped the brand grow stronger since its launch in 2018.

James Harrison, Co-Founder of Salford Rum, commented, “It’s been a whopping 12 months for Salford Rum – one that could have been very different if it weren’t for the legions of loyal, local fans who built us through ours. drank rum pure and in cocktails. A sense of community is at the core of what we strive for. So the least we can do is put out a fan-driven map and bring together the best of Greater Manchester’s rum cocktails. ”

Tommy Gaughan, Co-Founder of Salford Rum added, “Rules allow, we hope to see Mancunians and Salfordians around town and support the incredible venues we have in Greater Manchester with a map in hand. The region is a hot bed for beverage talent, and we hope to bring as much of this delicious talent into a handy, creative menu as possible. “

The map is hand-drawn by legendary illustrator and artist Dave Draws, famous for his doodles of northern towns and cities and responsible for the eye-catching, intricate design on the bottles of Salford rum.

The Salford Rum Company was founded in 2018 when James Harrison and Tommy Gaughan – rugby league playing high school buddies – took inspiration from the growing gin category, which was soaring with buckets of innovation and creativity, and themselves set out to make a local premium rum that would compete with the luxury gin products on the market.

Salford Rum’s premium spiced rums are made as a passionate celebration of the history, heritage and people of Salford Docks, Greater Manchester during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In an era when the city’s Salford Docks became the UK’s third largest port, spirits take their inspiration from the Caribbean rums, fruits and spices that first landed on the UK coast. The result is indeed something special; Similar to the city where these rums were born, the products are bursting with character and confidence that inspire even experienced rum lovers.

You can share your thoughts on Greater Manchester’s best rum cocktails by visiting Salford Rum’s Facebook page or Instagram.

Salford Rum is available now in Morrisons stores in the Northwest and co-op stores across the country.

Bottles can also be purchased online from Drinkwell.


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