The legendary Electric Chair returns to Manchester this September.

Electric Chair draped The Roadhouse with camouflage nets for the first time in the summer of 1995. It bubbled away for almost 13 years and almost developed into a culture of its own. It was home to the most beautiful melting pot of people, many of whom visited religiously, regardless of location, guest, or many local hero DJs who played there.

When it was founded in ’95, it marked a defining moment in Manchester’s clubbing history. With the recent closure of the hacienda, the city urgently needed to bring things back underground, and it did so with a deep love and focus on music.

The music that was played at ‘the chair’ transcended genres and many of the really great DJs in the world who played there were given the freedom to explore their own musical boundaries and were encouraged to push them further, giving it to one the most popular British DJs made trend-setting club nights.

Now, after nearly 14 years of absence, Manchester’s original underground party Electric Chair returns to the Concourse at Depot Mayfield on September 19th. The iconic night can now be enjoyed by a new generation.


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