A new venue in the city center has been selected for the first British serve of El Tequileño tequila.

The Ramona Bar and Restaurant Ramona opened last month on Swan Street in the Northern Quarter with its own margarita bar, campfire garden and Detroit-style pizza kitchen, and is the first venue in the UK to offer the coveted tequila brand.

General Manager Andy Marshall took a trip to Tequila City (yes, it’s a place to be) in Mexico to find the best tequilas and experiment with margarita serve. El Tequileño Blanco was the winning spirit and will be the house into which the bar will be poured.

Made from mineral-rich volcanic water and the finest blue agave plant, which takes about seven years to ripen, it has a unique herbal taste with a mild, natural sweetness and a hint of citrus.

Andy says, “All the locals in Tequila town swear by El Tequileño, so we were determined to bring it to Ramona and establish it as our home. It’s perfect in our margaritas and we loved the family story behind the product. They were all great fun working with and they really excelled at their craft and share our commitment to quality. Most of all, it tastes amazing and we’re delighted to be the first bar in the UK to serve it here in Manchester.

“We run our margarita bar and campfire, and the tables fill up quickly as the good weather encourages Mancunians to do what they do best again. We are having a great time supporting the brilliant hospitality sector that has been hit so hard during the pandemic. ”

Andy adds, “Tequila is no longer the drink of late night slammers, it has matured, grown up and comes back with a bang. El Tequileño is a product of the highest quality, made with care and using sustainable practices that keep the 60 year old distillery running for years. We are all about finding the best products to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with us. “

Margaritas on the menu include El Tequileño Blanco Tequila with Ramona (El Tequileño Blanco, Cointreau, lime oleo, salt), Margot (cucumber, lime, mint and yellow chartreuse) and Tommy Rosa (hibiscus, agave and lime)).

Ten Locks in Manchester is the company bringing El Tequileño to the city and the UK hospitality sector.

Becky Davies, Head of Commercial, says: “We are proud to bring such a special and unique brand to the UK, and all the more so as the first pour is on our home lawn. We believe in, admire and applaud this brand for their dedication to their craft and the care it takes at every stage of the production process to ensure a sustainable, high quality end product that we know drinkers love become. “

El Tequileño Blanco will be the house in Ramona and the Mexico-inspired bar will also serve El Tequilenos Platinum, Reposado, Gran Reserva and Añejo Gran Reserva so you can wash off your lockdown problems with a tequila drop all summer long – salud !

The booking is now open, so reserve your spot here.


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