Renowned for delivering unique experiential dining, high-end Chinese restaurant Tattu will be hosting a spooktacular Halloween brunch event soundtracked by the finest DJs and fueled by the Bloodiest of Bloody Mary’s.

Tattu’s exclusive Skullduggery Brunch will take place on Saturday 29th October 12-3pm and, for one day only, will serve up a four-wave menu of unique Asian-fusion dishes with
terrifyingly good cocktail specials. For just £45 per person, diners can sit back and soak in the mystic atmosphere as spectacularly crafted dishes arrive in timely waves.

Created especially for the Skullduggery Brunch, the Halloween Bao is a creative twist on the traditional Chinese steamed bun. Served in the shape of an autumnal pumpkin and orange in colour, please into the unexpected with a red Thai curry filling delivering a fusion twist on this Chinese classic.

Also unique to the Skullduggery Brunch is The Skullduggery Dessert with white chocolate, blood orange, and hazelnut, a seasonal twist on Tattu’s famous Cherry Blossom dessert.

Tuck in if you dare. Keeping it traditional, diners can indulge in Tattu’s elevated Eastern classics such as aromatic crispy duck pancakes, caramel soy beef fillet and seven spiced
seared tuna, to name a few. Designed to be shared, Tattu’s contemporary menu facilitates a unique connectivity among diners enjoyed in an unforgettable atmosphere.

For those thrill seekers looking to really get the party started, upgrade to free-flowing cocktails for just £30 per person. Expertly crafted by Tattu’s mixologists, the Skullduggery cocktail menu includes one-off specials such as the Bloodiest of Bloody Marys with a garnish like no other; Poisoned Peach – a naughty take on the classic mimosa, Rosita’s Thorn – Aperol paired with autumnal berries and bubbles, The Good Wolf, prepared with Everleaf Mountin, grapefruit and lime, The Rabid Hound – vibrant with tequila, orange liqueur and slated grapefruit, plus many more.

For a truly glamorous Halloween, upgrade to free-flowing Laurent Perrier champagne for £45 per person. Come out to play if you dare!

Setting the scene, Tattu’s famously romantic restaurants will be transformed to deliver an unparalleled Halloween dining experience. Terrifyingly chic, Tattu’s renowned cherry blossom will take a turn to the dark side cascading an eerie green light across the restaurant, peaking through dangling cobwebs and reflecting mysterious patterns and shadows.

Creeping across the floor, a sea of ​​deep fog will meander across the restaurant in a slow and eerie fashion. Keeping watch over the Skullduggery antics, large scale artistic metallic skulls will be placed in around the restaurant.

Both spooky and incredibly ambient, Tattu’s Skullduggery Brunch is the perfect place to kick off the weekend’s Halloween celebrations. Soundtracking the one-off event, Tattu’s resident DJs will be giving the Skullduggery Brunch all the vibes of the best night out with deep house beats flowing into the evening.

The party doesn’t stop there. Tattu’s bar is open until into the evening keeping the spooktacular cocktails flowing and thriller beats blaring.

The Skullduggery Brunch is available at Tattu Manchester on Saturday 29 th October
12pm – 3pm. Booking is advised.

Find out more about Tattu here.


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