You know a transfer is big for Manchester United when Roy Keane is excited.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to United makes everyone buzz.

United confirmed the move, subject to medical conditions, following a quickly arranged transfer to Juventus.

Roy Keane played for Ronaldo between 2003 and 2005 and is delighted that his old teammate is returning to Old Trafford.

Secured Ronaldo’s place in history

Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of modern times and an icon of Manchester United.

Now with his return, he has a chance to become a true legend.

By signing for City, he would have undone so much of it all and alienated a fan base that adored him.

After accomplishing so much in his career, would it have been worth taking a shallow shortcut to win silver?

Ronaldo can still pursue trophies at United and he can do so with honor, with 75,000 home fans cheering him on every week.

(Photo by Etsuo Hara / Getty Images)

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