Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United is almost complete. The star passed a medical exam over the weekend.

One of the big questions that remain during the deal is what squad number Ronaldo will get.

Everything will be revealed shortly, of course, but in the meantime we can piece the puzzle together.

United and Ronaldo’s goal is for the star to wear the number 7 jersey.

(Photo by AMA / Corbis via Getty Images)

CR7 is synonymous with Ronaldo’s brand and he has worn the shirt throughout his career, except for a brief stint at Real Madrid where he wore the 9 shirt before adopting the 7 when it became available.

There have been conflicting reports about whether Ronaldo would get the 7 and what that means for Edinson Cavani.

I now hear that Ronaldo may actually get the 7-shirt, which leads me to believe that the club found a solution with the Premier League. It was also reported yesterday that Cavani was ready to give up the number. Obviously a situation in flux. I will update if I hear something

– Jonathan Shrager (@JonathanShrager) August 29, 2021

Premier League drop note 7 might be possible

The Premier League website is a bit confusing in this regard. The site lists Cavani as United’s number 7.

But it also officially confirms Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, except that he is also registered as the club’s number 7.

This at least suggests that the number 7 kit could be an option for United with Ronaldo.

So where for Edinson Cavani? Helpful? A cadre number can only open …

James exit and Cavani until 21?

Welsh winger Dan James is about to leave Manchester United, with Leeds keen to do so.

The Athletic Report James is set to move to Leeds on a permanent basis for £ 25m, a fee too good for United to turn down for a squad player.

James occupies number 21 for United, and that would be vacant for Cavani.

This isn’t just any old number for Cavani. 21 is the squad number that Cavani has been wearing for Uruguay since 2011, which he wears at major tournaments.

Cavani will appreciate the sentimental value of 7 for Ronaldo and the superstar’s connection with the club. It makes sense for him to step aside.

Pictures of the couple at the 2018 World Cup even show Ronaldo in 7 and Cavani in 21.

This is a likely glimpse of what lies ahead at Manchester United once James’ departure is confirmed and Ronaldo’s arrival is fully sealed.


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