On Earth Day, the National Literacy Trust and Siemens have teamed up to raise awareness about the environment and encourage children in Manchester to embrace climate change.

The partnership includes giving books to elementary schools across the city, an online authoring event with Martin Dorey, and the launch of an exciting challenge supported by Walker Books to help children develop reading and writing skills to be able to work for to research, plan and step into the future.

The project will donate 650 exclusively pre-published copies of Martin Dorey’s new book, Kids Fight Climate Change (Walker Books), to 50 primary schools across Manchester.

The project is supported by the National Literacy Trust and Manchester City Council’s Read Manchester campaign, which aims to improve reading for enjoyment across the city.

Schools can access supportive resources and classroom activities to have conversation and learn about the environment. You are invited to attend a virtual gathering with bestselling author and international environmental superstar Martin Dorey on April 22nd, Earth Day, at 10 a.m.

Inspired by the book, Martin Dorey will be an exhilarating challenge for students as they pledge their own two-minute challenge in their local communities to protect the planet and be a # 2MinuteSuperhero on this Earth Day.

Schools and families can also watch the event later as a replay will be available on the National Literacy Trust’s Words for Life website, which also includes the # 2MinuteSuperhero challenge and activities. Families and schools can participate at home, in the classroom, and on social media.

Siemens and the National Literacy Trust have a joint mission to promote and support learning and literacy among children and young people. Siemens offers curriculum plans, interactive resources, insights into STEM careers, and information on challenges and events on its website. The National Literacy Trust helps schools, communities and families in areas with the greatest literacy problems to change life stories.

Jonathan Douglas CBE, Chairman of the National Literacy Trust, said, “We are very excited to be working with Siemens on this project to inspire change through reading. With the loosening of lockdown measures and the positive impact of our reduced global activity on our environment, Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to open the conversation on this important topic. The project offers children a platform on which they can examine how we can live more sustainably and what problems and solutions they see in the world around them.

“Only a book can motivate a child to choose a path, encourage them to make important decisions, and give them the benefits of the lifelong literacy that makes reading a pleasure. Our research showed that 3 in 5 children and teenagers said reading made them feel better during lockdown and that reading encouraged half of the children to dream about the future. This shows how important books are to wellbeing and future prospects. “

Angela Noon, Chief Financial Officer of Siemens Plc, said, “We are excited to be working with the National Literacy Trust to develop understanding and promote change in the younger generation in the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference on Earth Day on COP26 this November.

In line with the National Literacy Trust’s commitment to supporting the learning of children and youth, we are passionate about nurturing technical talent to build a brighter future. We hope that this exciting event, featuring Martin Dorey, the # 2MinuteSuperhero challenge and the new books that Manchester students receive, inspires them to become more aware of their environment and our shared responsibilities, and that they get a lot out of this great one Project they can tackle your life. “

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