Lingerie Options

Wearing outfits is all about feeling confident. Wearing your dress right reflects a lot about your personality and the way you carry yourself. Before you choose an outfit, you should judge the environment of the place you are going to. Then you should decide whether your dress can go well.

When to Wear a Tank Top?

Tank tops are a trendy outfit that can match the summer vibes. It is perfect to wear if you are out for a day out on a humid day. It will help you feel more comfortable and breezy. However, you may get in a fix if you do not have the matching lingerie in Lewes for your favourite tank top.

Feel Comfortable with these Lingerie Options:

Choosing a bra for your tank top may be relatively easy. All you need is to consider your breast profile and the features of the top. These will be enough to find the right set. If you still cannot find the right type of lingerie that goes well with your tank top, we can help.

Below, you can find bras that match perfectly with your favourite sleeveless top. You can find extensive features that can tell you about the lingerie that can fit perfectly for you.

Transparent Back Bra:

It is the first choice for those who do not shy away from being bold with their outfits. This bra is the iconic ‘backless’ option you can match with your tank top. Since the top is breezy, this bra can complement the light look and won’t feel like a heavy load on your chest area. You do not need to worry about the visible bra strap from the back, as it is virtually invisible.

Bandeau Bra:

This lingerie was initially worn by the ladies at a beachside or poolside party. Thanks to the fashion upgrade, it has now become a regular, trendy lingerie option. Bandeau bra can be a perfect option if you feel traditional lingerie cannot contain the extra flab of your breast. It covers the sides of your breasts perfectly, allowing you to wear your tank top confidently.

Strapless Bra:

A tank top is all about feeling comfortable. This feeling should remain intact when you select your bra. If you are bothered by the constant peep out of the straps or feel your shoulder can’t take anymore, you can try strapless bras. It can support your bust and take good care of them while you enjoy the day out.


These are a modified addition to the wide world of lingerie. You can wear them however you want without worrying about itching or pain. You can even wear the bralette over the tank top to get the perfect boho and chic look. Don’t forget to match the accessories that complement your look perfectly.

With these comfortable options, your day out with the tank top will become more exciting. Choose your lingerie carefully and style them according to your choice. If you are looking for a quality source to buy your bra, try Liberty and Love. They are one of the well-known names for lingerie in Lewes. Here, you can get the perfect bra that matches your tank top.


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