Manchester United’s dream striker, who will be signed in 2022, is Erling Haaland, MEN reported earlier this week. A possible move where Romelu Lukaku could be signed at Chelsea will also clear the way and take a rival out of the running for his signature.

There is still a pretty big obstacle in the form of Mino Raiola.

United made several deals with Raiola in 2016 and he’s been tortured to deal with ever since. He beat United up in an interview with The Times in 2019, publicly fought with former United star Paul Scholes and also incited manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the media.

Last year, Raiola’s explosive interview in which he stated that Pogba would likely leave this summer caused outrage as it took place shortly before a crucial Champions League game.

However, Solskjaer found a way to put all of this aside and pretend it didn’t happen. Pogba remains a central part of his squad and is expected to start the season despite his contract running for just one year.

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What role will Raiola play in Haaland’s future?

There are two schools of thought regarding the role Raiola will play in Haaland’s future.

The first is that Raiola will get Haaland to sign with the club that pays the highest salaries and the highest brokerage commission. That could be dangerous for United.

The second is that Haaland is so headstrong that he will pick the club he wants and Raiola will simply help him get the best deal.

In order to close a deal for Erling Haaland in 2022, Manchester United will have to negotiate one way or another with Mino Raiola and Borussia Dortmund.

Fortunately, the Dortmund question with its release clause is relatively simple. But don’t rule out an attempt by the German club to move the goalposts, reveal a secret agreement with an increased release clause or similar gimmicks.

As for Raiola, even if Haaland’s preferred move is Manchester United, the agent won’t show his hand. He will make United work up a sweat by creating the illusion that the striker is weighing multiple offers to maximize salary, signing fee and commission.

In a normal situation, United would leave. The only reason the club is even considering revisiting Raiola is because Haaland is worth the trouble. 40 goals in 43 Bundesliga games speak for themselves.

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Pogba’s future can be influential

Raiola reportedly negotiated with PSG over Paul Pogba’s future, RMC Sport alleged. Le10Sport even claimed it had probed Liverpool.

While it’s totally angry, it will matter for little if Pogba actually signs with United again. A renewal is still pending.

If United manage to get Pogba to sign a new deal, it will show that the club are still ready and able to work with Mino Raiola and vice versa.

And that will answer an important question for United, who will start negotiations for Erling Haaland next summer. It will prove that United can partner with Raiola when needed and this will give the club and fans confidence that a deal can be struck for the prolific striker.

If Pogba ends up being sold or left free, the raiola factor will hover over the potential Haaland deal like a stormy cloud ready to burst.

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