A brand new elementary school in the city center is one step closer to opening after the council’s executive approved additional budget for the project this week.

The new school will serve the growing number of families already living in the city center and help attract more families to the area.

The plans for the school were first decided by the council board in February 2020, with the decision to proceed with a free school presumption to develop a new elementary school for the city center.

Since then, the council has been working with the developer Renaker on the plans for the school, which will be implemented as part of a larger residential development.

The 210-seat primary school and 26-seat kindergarten are located on Crown Street in Deansgate Ward and are expected to open in September 2023.

A public consultation is currently underway on the new school and will run until November 15th. The council will then seek suggestions from potential sponsors for the school.

A recommendation of a preferred sponsor is then made to the regional school commissioner, who decides on the most suitable proposal for the continuation of the school.

Councilor Garry Bridges, Executive Member for Children and Schools, Manchester City Council, said: “This is a big moment for Manchester and a big statement about what our city center should be like – a family friendly place with lots of homes and jobs all.

“People want to make the city center their home and that is why it is important to us to provide the necessary infrastructure to enable this in every phase of life.

“Having a good local school on their doorstep is every family wish, and our downtown residents earn no less.

“In just under two years they will now benefit from a brilliant new school that is just a short walk from where they live and that will serve them and future generations of downtown children for many years to come.”


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