Alcotraz is the infamous bar behind bars where guests – or rather “inmates” – are tasked with smuggling liquor past the guard and getting it into the hands of some of Alcotraz’s longest-serving inmates, who then turn the liquor into delicious cocktails transform.

Combining first class cocktails with a theatrical plot, Alcotraz is a unique drinking experience where guests become part of the story. Alcotraz has established itself as a premier alternative night out by encountering a cast of actors while a theatrical act unfolds and drinking personalized cocktails as they serve their time.

Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Four will open its doors on July 16 to welcome inmates looking for a unique immersive theater experience and world-class cocktails.

Located in the bustling Spinningfields neighborhood, this newest Alcotraz prison will take things to the next level. Composed of a dramatic cell block of 10 individual cells, Alcotraz Manchester can accommodate 50 inmates for public experiences and up to 100 for private venues, which is perfect for Christmas parties 2021 to end your year with something completely unique. The cells vary in size, perfect for couples as well as larger groups.

There will also be a Prison Commissary area for cheaper seating, and these inmates will also have their own dedicated mixologist at their own bar. In addition, Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Four will have its own area of ​​the prison canteen in a unique way. After the main experience, inmates can spend additional time in the theatrical prison world of Alcotraz by purchasing a seat in this area of ​​the prison canteen for an inclusive cocktail and prison ration.

The experience begins as soon as guests purchase a ticket, which is available online here. Guests can create their own unique criminal record from the Justice Department prior to their visit, before being secretly instructed by smugglers inside to smuggle their liquor into Alcotraz.

Inmates smuggle their ghosts past the guard and are led into Alcotraz Prison and given their own unique inmate number and orange jumpsuit to wear for the duration of their sentencing to avoid escape. In their cells they encounter a number of shady characters and the infamous prison smugglers’ gang ready to turn illegal spirits into bespoke, delicious, modern and classic cocktails.

The prison canteen system is the perfect camouflage for hiding contraband in this cell block. Expect your smuggled liquor to be hidden in cooking utensils and your cocktails to be served in discreet containers to avoid the guard’s suspicion.

The groundbreaking immersive cocktail experience, created by Inventive Productions, first opened in London in 2017 and has garnered global headlines, controversy and exciting audiences looking for a unique and unforgettable evening.

Sam Shearman, Founder of Alcotraz and Founder of Inventive Productions, said: “The experience was so popular in London that we were able to expand the Alcotraz brand to multiple locations in a very short time, including one in Brighton. We are now absolutely thrilled to bring this unique concept to Manchester and bring our largest and most ambitious Alcotraz to the market to date. “

Bookings for the experience have just gone LIVE here!


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