So that the trip is worth it! You’ve worked hard all year and now you finally agree on when to get yours stay. The next question is “where”. Do not rush your adventure; Take some time to think about your hobbies, who do you want to go with? Would you like a family vacation or a little alone time? Close your eyes and remember to wake up in a secluded, quaint mansion set in lush greenery and then play all eighteen holes if you can withstand the lake. This works very well for nature lovers; for a walk of serenity can be offered with a stroll on manicured lawns and flowering plants or in the cities where they live. Whichever you choose, there are some must-see hotels in the south that will make your vacation a great one.

Manor of Groves hotel review

The Manor of Groves Hertfordshire Hotel is an 80 bedroom Georgian mansion with beautifully updated rooms that rival the most modern hotels. This is one of the most welcoming and memorable hotels in the south of Great Britain this side of Hertfordshire for groups or individuals. The property extends over one hundred and fifty acres of beautifully landscaped grounds that are aesthetically pleasing to any visitor. It is home to a beautifully manicured golf course as part of the golf and country club option, an indoor pool, as well as state-of-the-art fitness equipment and world-class restaurants. From large business groups to couples to single travelers, the Manor of the Groves is a must for everyone.

Hertfordshire hotels

Hertfordshire hotels are some of the most pristine landmarks with their mix of contemporary and well-preserved British historical designs. The county of Hertfordshire offers the atmosphere of a conscious departure from the fast-paced everyday life and at the same time is conveniently located to facilitate travel to larger cities. Hertfordshire is north of London with smaller townships. Its consistently relaxed atmosphere with changing green spaces, rivers and canals are just a few of the enticing features that make it an ideal place to book your next hotel stay. As a nature lover or just to take a break, Hertfordshire is known for its walking trails, which are usually designed for a quiet and relaxing early morning stroll, as the locals do. The big difference in Hertfordshire County is that your stay is not just in the luxurious and intimate hotels, but in the communities too.

Regency Park Hotel Health Club & Spa in Berkshire

Welcome to an ideal mix in which modern and relaxing accommodations, embedded in their own beautiful green oasis, meet a close relationship with an energetic and lively township. the Regency Park Hotel Health Club & Spa in Berkshire is about 13 km from the capital of the region. The hotel has large, spacious rooms, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and a relaxing, well-kept indoor pool. Your dining experience will also become a memorable talking point with others living your experience. Pack the family, your company or just throw your things in a bag! The Berkshire Regency Park Hotel Health Club & Spa takes care of the rest while you close the door to reality for a while.

Shendish Manor Hotel and Golf Course

If you want to get your nine iron out, this is the place! They come for either the relaxation at this hotel or the thrill of The Green, or maybe both! the Shendish Manor Hotel in Hertfordshire, a luxury hotel residence, is set amidst dense, beautiful vegetation in an unspoilt landscape. It is Hemel, Hempstead and manages to find a wonderful balance between modern and historical design. Its majestic facilities, coupled with a well-manicured golf course, provide all-round satisfaction for those teeing off or just there for a comfortable stay.

Whether you take the time to slow things down or improve your golf swing, the green sides of southern England have a shine with hotels on offer. The facilities are suitable for all group sizes and also offer guests many opportunities to enjoy the surrounding sights and scenes.


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