Morgan Sindall Construction was commissioned to deliver a support work package as well as a Multi-Stocky Car Park (MSCP) and cycle hub as part of the overall renovation of the North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) site.

Crumpsall Hospital, 3.5 miles outside of Manchester city center, is one of the new hospitals funded through the government’s health infrastructure plan, which will receive an initial £ 3.7 billion in support to add 40 new hospitals across the board by 2030 To build land.

NMGH is at the center of an exciting vision to improve the health and wellbeing of local people over the next 10 to 15 years. In addition to providing health and care services fit for the 21st century, the remodeling will create the employment, housing and economic opportunities essential to creating long-term growth and prosperity for North Manchester.

The project, led by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust with Manchester City Council and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning, will enable not only a major renovation of a property in dire need of investment, but also as a catalyst for the wider economic renewal of North Manchester.

Morgan Sindall Construction has been contracted to provide £ 25 million of construction work ahead of the rebuild, including temporary parking, asbestos removal, demolition, clinical remediation and a newly built MSCP and Cycle Hub with 1,000 spaces.

When completed, the new hospital grounds with integrated health and social facilities, high quality new housing, and access to better education and training alongside more welcoming public spaces will be a focal point for the community.

Shaun Jones, Manchester Area Manager at Morgan Sindall Construction said, “The appointment to begin radical health development transformation is a major responsibility in itself. However, the opportunity to bring about social and economic change as a result of our work and support the local recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic means that this is a project of real conscientiousness. It is precisely this opportunity that enables Morgan Sindall Construction to demonstrate its USP.

“This development will generate a generational change for North Manchester, creating new jobs, promoting healthy lifestyles, developing skills and contributing to a carbon-free environment for the benefit of the local neighborhood and beyond.

“We have done projects in North Manchester before and we know firsthand what makes it great and what areas we can help with to ensure the community and its people reach their potential. We can’t wait to get started. “

Ian Lurcock, Chief Executive of North Manchester General Hospital, welcomed the partnership with Morgan Sindall Construction, saying, “The NMGH’s ambitious redevelopment program will help us improve the health, wellbeing and prosperity of local people by doing great things on the side Health and care services offer economic recreational opportunities. Delivering social values ​​is a top priority for MFT, ensuring that patients, staff and the wider community are actively involved in creating a vibrant and prosperous community in North Manchester. “


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