It was only a matter of time before Mauricio Pochettino was asked about the Manchester United rumors.

The Mail reported on Sunday evening that Pochettino was not only interested in the job at Manchester United, but was ready to take it right away.

Still coaching Paris Saint-Germain, Pochettino is preparing his side for a Champions League game against Manchester City on Wednesday night.

Pochettino spoke to RMC Sport and commented on the ongoing speculation.

Mauricio Pochettino on RMC Sport: “I’m happy in Paris. I know the city well both as a player and as a coach, I’ve always seen situations like this. Things happen and it’s not my responsibility. What I’ll say if you ask me is I’m happy in Paris ”🇫🇷 #PSG @AndiOnrubia

– Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) November 23, 2021
(Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP via Getty Images)

A mixed reaction

What else can Pochettino say? He would hardly say, “Yeah, I want the job at Manchester United” while coaching PSG. That wouldn’t help his standing with PSG and his players ahead of a big game.

His comments clearly leave the door open for behind-the-scenes negotiations between United and PSG.

It is a relief that Pochettino did not come out and dismissed the conversation altogether.

Pochettino on United is still very active following his comments that can’t stop anyone from being interested in the Red Devils’ job.

If the Argentine were determined to stay at PSG through the end of the season and beyond, he would surely say so.

The Guardian reports that Manchester United are considering ex-Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde as an interim manager if Pochettino cannot move.

The Times reported earlier this year that any club looking to buy the Argentine out of his deal would have to pay PSG £ 10m in compensation.

A report from The Evening Standard suggests that United could seek a deal for Pochettino with PSG during the French winter break that begins December 22nd.

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