Hex MCR, a rising premium streetwear label founded by two construction professionals from Manchester, has just launched its first full online collection with a range of unisex clothing, accessories and the new eco-friendly ORGANICS collection.

ORGANICS is the brand’s exciting new sustainable collection with a range of unisex hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, shorts, bags and hats made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. Customers also receive products from this range in the premium packaging from Hex, a box with biodegradable, water-soluble packaging that dissolves in hot water.

Origin and Caged, the brand’s first drops last year, are both trucker and distressed cap collections with the classic Hex logo on the front. Some of the caps in this range also feature the worker bee on the side to indicate the brand’s Mancunian heritage.

Hex MCR’s product and premium shopping experience is already attracting the attention of celebrities and reality TV stars, including Scott and Adam Thomas, Love Island footballer Danny Simpson, Sigmas Joe Lenzie and Callum Jones, to name a few call.

Co-founded by Mancunian construction professionals Luke Powell and Andy Gibson, the brand went public in October 2020 and has a selection of hex hats on the website. They got such a high demand for trucker hats that the duo decided to expand the collection with the eco-friendly line, clothing and bags for the official launch.

“We’d been talking about opening a clothing store together for a while,” says Luke. “We noticed that streetwear was growing in popularity and lockdown only accelerated the demand for sportswear for relaxing, exercising and working in spite of the economic situation, we decided to take the plunge and build the business during the pandemic. “

The company has only been trading for six months, and thanks to initial interest from celebrities and influencers, it’s already seen a 400% increase in sales from month one to five.

“Seeing soccer players, reality TV stars, and other celebrities wearing Hex MCR products is a huge confidence boost for us,” says Andy. “We wanted to create an authentic premium brand with humble, urban origins, and we think that’s what makes the products attractive – it’s relatable. We also believe that the customer experience is of the essence, which is why we ship orders in premium packaging. Even when you shop online there is still an experience. “

The full range is available now at Hex MCR, where customers receive free shipping on all orders (UK mainland only).


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