A total of 16 players left Manchester United on loan in the 2020/21 season. Not all of these movements have become as spectacular as Jesse Lingard’s.

Some actually looked like smart deals when they were closed and others were doomed from the start. Here’s a look back at the six worst Manchester United loan changes of the season.

6) Tahith Chong to Werder Bremen

This was one of the loan agreements that looked pretty fancy last summer. Chong moved to a seemingly stable club in one of Europe’s top leagues and signed in time to enjoy a preseason in which he performed well.

When Chong actually started playing in the Bundesliga, problems arose because he looked completely overwhelmed.

Werder wasn’t as stable as it seemed either, and eventually relegated. Chong was best off and was called back in January after just four Bundesliga games and assigned to Club Brugge.

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5) Max Taylor to Kiddersminster

Max Taylor didn’t have many options after two proposed Football League club transfers failed.

In the end, he had to make a move outside of the league to Kidderminster and finds himself on this list due to an accident beyond his control.

After a sufficiently good start, the Covid crisis and the financial impact at the non-league level led to the division being abandoned and Taylor not playing a single game in 2021.

4) Andreas Pereira to Lazio

A departure from Andreas made sense, but Lazio was a bad club choice and so was the clause in his contract.

Lazio was able to offer Andreas a place at a good level, unfortunately it turned out to be mainly a place on the bench, with the team already well equipped with attacking midfield options.

Pereira ended the season with just three Serie A starts and one red card and 25 appearances from the bench.

His contribution would never be enough to convince Lazio to pay the upbeat £ 24million purchase option agreement under his loan deal and Pereira will be looking for a new club this summer.

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3) Dylan Levitt to Charlton

United spent all summer pondering the perfect club to send Levitt to and eventually settled on Charlton.

Unfortunately, it was a bad move for Levitt, who only started four games and was recalled in January trying to save his season with a move to the Croatian league.

A year later, it feels like Levitt is back in first place despite making the Welsh squad for Euro 2020.

2) Aliou Traore to Caen

Once highly rated, Aliou Traore doesn’t seem to have a future at Manchester United.

His contract expires this summer and United have effectively abandoned him by putting him on loan for a season without agreeing to an extension.

Traore signed with the French second division team Caen and could not impress.

He only played 663 minutes in the league and failed to reach any of Caen’s last nine matchday squads of the season.

Norwich City - Huddersfield Town - Sky Bet Championship (Photo by Stephen Pond / Getty Images)

1) Joel Pereira to Huddersfield Town

When we mentioned loan deals that never stood a chance, this was one of them.

After a bad loan at Hearts last year, Pereira ran out of options. But surely he could have found better credit than replacing Huddersfield’s replacement?

Pereira didn’t help his cause as he played, conceding eleven goals in two games, a 4-3 loss to Stoke and a 7-0 loss to Norwich.

If United hadn’t already given up on him, he would have been called back in January to find a new club.

Like Max Taylor and Aliou Traore, Pereira will be out this summer and needs a fresh start.

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