Manchester United have now received back the full initial transfer fee paid for Cristiano Ronaldo through the sale of shirts.

United has earned £ 13.1m in commission from Ronaldo replica kits since the kits were sold a week ago.

That’s more than the initial £ 12.9million Juventus paid out for the superstar’s signature.

(Photo by Ash Donelon / Manchester United via Getty Images)

The total revenue from jersey sales has reached £ 187 million, with the majority going to jersey maker Adidas.

The numbers were provided by industry analyst

More than Messi

United’s numbers dwarf PSG’s previous earnings from signing Lionel Messi.

PSG made just £ 7.3m from Messi jersey sales, with a total profit of £ 103.8m.

Almost twice as many ‘Ronaldo 7’ kits were bought this summer compared to ‘Messi 30’ PSG kits.

Ronaldo has not played a game for United since returning, which makes the numbers even more astonishing.

Ronaldo’s debut takes place in front of a packed Old Trafford on Saturday and visitors to the megastore will no doubt spend a small fortune on more Ronaldo 7 kits.

The 36-year-old can live up to the hype. As an international and Champions League record scorer, Ronaldo has achieved almost everything in football and is still hungry for more.

Already a hero at United due to his successful tenure from 2003 to 2009, Ronaldo wants to repeat his success and continue writing his name in Old Trafford history.

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