Last week Manchester United supporters announced a plan to boycott sponsors as part of an ongoing plan to hurt the glasses.

The effort has been dubbed the “Not A Penny More” campaign, and fans have taken various actions against companies that sponsor United.

These include …

  • Boycott the products and ask others to do the same
  • Publicly criticize companies on social media
  • Leave negative reviews of companies on independent review websites
  • Click on companies’ sponsored ads on google to cost them money

New digital analysis from MediaWorks calculates that the latter activity could cost businesses a small fortune.

(Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

Founder Brett Jacobson said, “We looked at top-end cost-per-click data for just these five brands, a price that Google could reasonably calculate for this type of fan activity.

“Given the generous assumption that only a quarter of those who chose to search for these sponsors only click once on their Google ads in the last 48 hours, that could be a staggering bill of more than 1.2 million. GBP its month alone. And that number could easily skyrocket. “

He adds that online searches for Adidas, Chevrolet, TAG Heuer, AON and Kohler, five of United’s 50 sponsors, have increased dramatically in the past 14 days.

The hashtag #NotAPennyMore was used more than 7,000 times a day on social media.


Understanding the success this could have in hurting United’s sponsors will encourage supporters to pursue it further.

The Guardian reported last week that The Hut Group (THG) had withdrawn from a proposed £ 200 million sponsorship deal. The company was scheduled to start sponsoring the club’s training equipment in July and has canceled the deal due to concerns about negative feedback.

The club’s new main sponsor, TeamViewer, was heavily targeted by supporters.

With no games to protest in the summer months, the club’s sponsors are likely to continue to feel the pressure as fans try to step up the stakes against the Glazer family and get them into a position where they will decide to sell the club.

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