Manchester United have signed another young player for the club’s academy.

James Bailey, 14, joined United after signing from Burnley.

The young winger is a talented candidate who put his academy contract on paper.

Bailey’s move leaves him trying to succeed where current Burnley winger Dwight McNeill failed.

McNeill was part of United Academy before he was released. Then he signed with Burnley and became an established Premier League star.

United continues to pursue young talent

Manchester United, like all other English clubs, is unable to sign non-UK players under the age of 18 due to Brexit.

This has stepped up the recruitment of young players based in the country for all clubs.

Last year United signed Ethan Ennis from Liverpool, Jack Kingdon from Morecambe, Tom Wooster from Barnsley, Harrison Parker from Arsenal and Malachi Sharpe, Sekou Kaba and James Scanlon from Derby County.

Bailey is the latest addition and while it could be a couple of years before he joins the U18s, United will try to give him every chance to succeed.

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