Luke Shaw tweeted out a tweet at around 6:50 p.m. Tuesday night, and it was just the start of a wild night.

Chelsea fans were protesting the Super League outside Stamford Bridge at the time, and moments later rumors surfaced from Sky that they were about to stop participating in the competition.

Manchester City formally withdrew, leaving the Super League plans in tatters.

And that was before Manchester United announced Ed Woodward’s resignation.

United’s official withdrawal from the Super League came shortly after 11 p.m.

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Shaw’s message was the start of a crazy two to three hour football news story. Later on, Liverpool players also released joint statements against the Super League.

Here is a recap of Shaw’s message, explaining what European football at its finest means to him and why he doesn’t want fans to be changed briefly.

Shaw was the first United player to provide a really detailed answer to the Super League, which shows his confidence as a dressing room manager.

This was exactly what United fans wanted to see and hear, to see a player brave enough to stand up and show real conviction and say what we all think and talk about.

Shaw’s role here is not forgotten. He’s helped put on the pressure and it seems inevitable that due to pressure from everyone involved in football and government, the Super League will fall flat and be over before it even starts.

Now we are waiting for the official collapse of the Super League. If the teams pull back, it seems untenable for things to go on.


Here’s a look at some of the responses to Luke Shaw’s passionate message …

Luke Shaw publishes a message and two clubs are leaving the Super League immediately. Is there anything he can’t do right now?

– Ricasso (@BanditNanna) April 20, 2021

Luke Shaw, Bruno and Rashford, my heroes

– rashfordreign (@rashfordreign) April 20, 2021

Luke Shaw not only unlocked himself, he also forced Ed out. I can’t go wrong with this boy

– Hassan (@mianhassani) April 20, 2021

Luke Shaw, Manchester United legend

– Dockers 💫 (@whatsiobhandid) April 20, 2021

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