Whatever Mason Greenwood’s wages, double it. He deserved it this week.

After three games in six days, Greenwood was reasonably rested when Manchester United faced Liverpool.

When he came on as a substitute in the second half, he immediately became United’s top player and temporarily swung the game back in favor of the home team.

United were 3-1 behind when Greenwood came on. He saw his attacking teammates one step ahead as he jumped into the action and played with a zip and energy that was missing.

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United brought the 3-2 back within five minutes and Edinson Cavani played in Marcus Rashford to score.

Greenwood came excruciatingly close to forcing an equalizer when he blocked a shot in a gullet fight and a second attempt cleared the line after defeating goalkeeper Alisson.

Shortly thereafter, Marcus Rashford hit the goal and naively shot into the side netting when Greenwood was open at the far post.

In a game where no United players really shone or got out of the game with credit after a 4-2 loss, Greenwood was the exception.

He was one of only three United players to score a shot on goal along with goal scorers Fernandes and Rashford.

England boss Gareth Southgate has been in the stands and while it may be better for both United and Greenwood to have rested over the summer and not have England as a distraction, he should be fighting for the euro in shape.

Greenwood’s improved form has seen his season record climb to 12 goals after a slow start and he nearly expanded his record against Liverpool.

At just 19 years old, Greenwood is preparing for his first European final with United and is getting in shape at just the right time.

On a tough and frustrating night for the team, he was the ray of hope that should be his true honor given the efforts he has made over the past week.


United supporters hailed Greenwood’s contribution and selected it as a reason to be positive on a tough night.

Bad performance but @masongreenwood what a player! Completely changed the game when he got in and is so mature and intelligent for someone so young 💪

– El18 UTD📌 (@ elm182), May 13, 2021

So proud of Mason Greenwood tbh.

– Josh Stocks (@utdstocks) May 13, 2021

Mason Greenwood should go in euros

– Kamani Wilson (@ KamaniWilson1) May 13, 2021

If there is one thing that is blindly obvious: Mason Greenwood has to start the finals.

– Josh Stocks (@utdstocks) May 13, 2021

Mason Greenwood, my man of the game. The rest of the players get a rating of 4. Fred, Scott, Matic and Dean get 1st Forgotten Night for Pogba and Luke Shaw.

– Brunö Fernansh (@BrunoFernanshh) May 13, 2021

Solskjaer should better realize that his best XI must have Mason Greenwood. McFred cannot start in the Europa League final …

– A. (@TheAnarchie) May 13, 2021

Mason Greenwood played 3 games in 6 days and made the team much better every time #Starboy #MUNLIV

– AP Styles (@ ApStyles25) May 13, 2021

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