With Oktoberfest in full swing and everyone on the hunt for the best lager of the season, Manchester Union Brewery has launched its Oktoberfest beer – October.

The new limited edition lager, is a modern twist on the classic Festbier and is only around for a short amount of time to celebrate the annual beer festival.

The seasonal lager is a 6% malt-forward and bready golden lager with a rich body from extended decoction mash. The aroma is light caramel with honey, backed up with lots of Saaz hops and bitterness for maximum refreshment.

Manchester Union Brewery is Manchester’s first and only dedicated craft lager brewery and uses traditional central European lager brewing techniques paired with ‘Mancunion’ swagger to create a unique legacy beer that the people of Manchester can be proud to call their own.

With delivery included, the new limited edition bottles (500ml) come to £48.50 for a pack of 12. The bottles can be purchased from the Manchester Union website here or at your local bottle shop


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