A group of Mancunians raising funds for an ethical cafe and creative space has received a helping hand from the town’s small Dogecoin community.

Manchester-based Future Artists Live Creative Coop raised funds to open The Home of Honest Coffee on King Street, which currently houses at least eight empty retail spaces. Halfway through their Kickstarter campaign, they were a little behind on their goals when the Dogecoin donations arrived.

Mark Ashmore, a key figure in the campaign, wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the $ 10 Dogecoins when he first received them.

“I knew about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but I didn’t know about Dogecoin,” Ashmore said.

Dogecoin miner and enthusiast Chris Buckey from Pixel Kicks was the first person Doge donated to the campaign.

“He donated $ 10, which seems like a lot,” Ashmore said.

“I didn’t know how to accept it, so he walked me through the process of setting it up and explained the exchange rate to me. Now I have a Dogecoin wallet on my cell phone and you can deposit donations and I can withdraw cash. “

Buckey also set up Dogetipbot on Reddit and tweeted about the campaign to get more exposure.

The Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its £ 5,000 target and raised £ 5,571, of which at least £ 25 was in Dogecoin donations. Ashmore says Dogecoins are dying in every day and he received around 90,000 on the last check-up.

The campaign poster for The Home of Honest Coffee

Buckley, who drove Dogecoin donations by posting the campaign, acknowledges that £ 25 (or $ 40) isn’t a lot of money. However, he believes the exposure helped Ashmore and the gang.

Buckley said:

“Dogecoin gave The Home of Honest Coffee a little extra attention that was needed and a week later they achieved their goal. It wasn’t directly through the money we raised with Dogecoins, but with additional exposure. “

And in return, Buckley met other Dogecoin enthusiasts in the Manchester area after taking the initiative to publicize this initiative.

“There’s a lot more to it than I thought,” said Buckley of the Dogecoin community in Manchester. “After that, I was introduced to 5 or 10 people in the area.”

This isn’t the first time the Dogecoin community has come together to support a fundraiser. In January, they raised $ 25,000 for the Jamaican bobsleigh team that enabled them to compete in the Winter Olympics. The Dogecoin Foundation also raised $ 50,000 for Kenya’s water crisis in March.

The home of honest coffee

The idea behind The Home of Honest Coffee is to create a nonprofit coffee shop that serves fair trade coffee and pumps profits back into the community for health and wellness initiatives, businesses and startups. There is a co-working space above the café that anyone can use for 17 people per minute. It is aimed at freelancers and small startups.

“You don’t have to use it every day,” says Ashmore. “There is no membership fee. You could just get on and off. There are some examples of this setup in London, but nothing like it in Manchester. “

the next steps

After the team exceeds their fundraising goal, it’s time to start planning for the launch.

They are sticking with their 155 or so supporters next Tuesday for their input on how to get things started. They plan to open the cafe in August and Ashmore says they will be accepting Dogecoin and Bitcoin from day one.

“We could accept digital currencies before we can accept normal currencies,” he said.

As someone who has only recently learned to accept virtual currency, Ashmore seems already convinced of the idea.

“I recently got a check for a couple of grand for my business. I took it to the bank to cash it and it was a public holiday and they said it would take 10 days for the £ 2000 to be available. On the other hand, these people who send me Dogecoins are just tweeting it. And it’s in my account. There is no percentage that goes to anyone. “

So Ashmore is excited to accept Dogecoin at The Home of Honest Coffee and Buckey is excited to be spending his Doge in Manchester, where there are currently no retail stores that accept digital currency.

“When it opens in August, I’ll have a coffee and pay with Dogecoins and hopefully be the first person to do this,” Ashmore said.


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