Joel Glazer has made a variety of commitments to Manchester United fans on the club’s Fan Forum.

According to the club’s official website, Glazer reached out to fans on the forum.

That only came after pressure from the failed European Super League forced him to deal with United fans.

This includes some potentially significant commitments – provided they are met and we reserve the right to be skeptical.


Overall, a positive meeting that left me cautiously optimistic. More details are required against the proposals because the devil is in the details. Headlines are:

– RickMc0161 (@ RickMc0161) June 4, 2021

The key points are summarized in the tweet above, which includes increased fan involvement in club decisions, “big investments” in Old Trafford and the AON training complex, and working with the fan-led review of English football possession.

United fans weren’t getting all the answers they wanted, however.

There was no obligation to pay the debts the Glazers placed on the club.

And they believe the dividends they pull out of the club every year are fair – something that many, many fans disagree with.

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Will Glazer keep his word?

Will Glazer honor these commitments?

There are some good things, particularly facility investments, that are now lagging behind what an elite club should be.

There’s a commitment to upgrade the squad this summer, but United have shown little evidence of a quick and effective transfer operation in recent years. That is something else that needs to be changed.

A stronger role for the fans in the management of the club would be desirable and should help to avert farces like the Super League in the future.

But now it’s about seeing the action – and fast.

Support pressure got us to this point and fans need to keep going to make sure these aren’t just empty promises.

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