Manchester United sacked eight players late last week and young goalkeeper Jacob Carney was the most unlucky to be eliminated.

It’s unclear if this was a move he urged for himself to have a better chance of playing regular football – like Iestyn Hughes’ decision to sign for Leicester and Arnau Puigmal’s preference to return to Spain, or not United made the decision themselves.

In any case, Carney seems to have a bright future ahead of her and there will be no shortage of offers.

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Goalkeeper with a bright future

United have several young goalkeepers even after Carney, Sergio Romero and Joel Pereira were laid off.

Matej Kovar, Ondrej Mastny, Radek Vitek, Johan Guadagno and Dermot Mee are among the goalkeepers of the U23 and U18.

So it’s easy to see how United found Carney expendable, or how he saw it in his own best interest to move on.

But Carney has experience that not many of his peers have, with the exception of Kovar, and that’s their first team experience on loan.

Carney was loaned out three times at the age of 20.

Two of them played in non-league teams, which is difficult for a young goalkeeper, and the third and youngest was the Northern Irish first division side Portadown.

While at Portadown, Carney received several awards including the Man of the Game and February Player of the Month awards.

In March he received praise from his manager Matthew Tipton, who told the newsletter, “Most opposing managers highlight Jacob after our games and I’ve been thrilled with everything since he joined the club. I would love to see him stay with us next season and he has settled in really well since moving to Northern Ireland.

“A massive bonus Jacob gives us is his ability to step on and that decision-making to get us to the forefoot quickly.”

Interest rate build-up

Carney will be a free agent from July and while Portadown would like to bring him back, he has reportedly had interest from three English clubs, including two in the Premier League.

The Sun reported that Burnley is interested in landing the 20-year-old, and the print edition (16/5 p.59) also reported that Brighton, along with Sunderland, was interested.

Carney is an interesting option for teams as he is ready for the first team, unlike many goalkeepers who come through the youth teams.

While he still has a lot to develop, Carney is on the right track.

Dean Henderson just made United first team last season and started the early part of his career on lower division loans. It appeared that United was grooming Carney the same way, sending him early credits to gain experience.

Whether his choice or that of United, the player and club have now separated. Perhaps there was never a right path for him at Old Trafford, but as Tom Heaton shows with his expected return, there could be a path back one day if he can establish himself over the next few years.

Staying at United would have meant more credit, and he might just want a little more stability and a clearer path to play for the first team that just wasn’t there at Old Trafford.

The youngster has a bright future ahead of him, provided he makes the right decision with his next step and continues to take advantage of his opportunities.

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