Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing for his second debut for Manchester United.

The Portuguese star is set to play for United against Newcastle United at Old Trafford this weekend, 18 years after making his first appearance for the club.

United signed Ronaldo from Sporting in 2003 to replace David Beckham.

In the run-up to the season opener against Bolton Wanderers, opposing boss Sam Allardyce announced that he had been warned about Ronaldo by one of his players.

Allardyce told The MEN: “Jardel tells me he’s an amazing, fantastic footballer. Who knows how long it will take to prepare him for the Premiership or whether he will be there tomorrow. “

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A memorable debut

Ronaldo sat on the bench and United led 1-0 at halftime thanks to a Ryan Giggs free kick.

After 61 minutes, Sir Alex Ferguson decided he wanted more. Nicky Butt got away and Ronaldo was sent on. The end result showed how effective the winger was.

United won the game 4-0, Giggs added a second, Paul Scholes and Ruud van Nistelrooy scored. It could have been five, Van Nistelrooy missing a penalty after Ronaldo was fouled in the box.

Ronaldo’s debut was all that was talked about after the game and BBC Sport reported: “The afternoon belonged to the Portuguese child prodigy Ronaldo, who showed the dazzling skills that convinced Sir Alex Ferguson to sell him for £. to bring to the self-proclaimed Theater of Dreams 12.24 m. “

The winger’s tricks electrified Old Trafford and wreaked havoc for Bolton by opening up spaces in their defense for Ronaldo’s teammates to use.

Reaction to Ronaldo

Sir Alex Ferguson was quoted by The Guardian as saying, “It was a wonderful debut. I thought the pace was too slow in the first half and I knew that Cristiano would increase the penetration.

“David [Beckham] has contributed enormously to our success and has an eternal place in the club’s history, but we must never stand still. “

Opposing manager Sam Allardyce said: “He was a different class, he looks a very exciting player and his introduction was crucial.”

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Allardyce added to ESPN, “He reminds me of Ryan Giggs when he started. He can walk indoors and outdoors, use both feet, and walk towards people. Everyone holds their breath when they get the ball. “

Ronaldo’s performance captivated former number 7 great George Best, who expressed his amazement at the winger’s abilities.

Best was quoted by ESPN as saying, “It was without a doubt the most exciting debut performance I have ever seen.

“There have been players who have some similarities [to me]but this fellow has more than anyone else, especially since he really has both feet.

“He can play on both wings, flapping players with ease and placing dangerous crosses with his left or right vertebra. When was the last time you saw this? “


Think of Ronaldo’s opponents

Bolton defender Nicky Hunt told MEN about his tough time against Ronaldo.

He said, “I had Giggs by my side for 60 minutes and Ronaldo for 30 minutes. I don’t think it could have been worse for me that day!”

“When you played against players like Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry, Arjen Robben, you had seen excerpts from them before, but I had never seen anything with this kid. I didn’t know which foot he wanted to go in, can he go right, can he go left? Does he take you with him, does he cut in?

“It’s so hard with Ronaldo because his feet are so fast and he does things quickly that if you can react, he has already walked past you or whipped in a cross.”

Ronaldo was clearly a special talent, although nobody could have guessed how good he would one day be.

The winger has evolved into more of a center-forward over the course of his career and is currently the all-time all-time international goalscorer and Champions League goalscorer.

Now, back at United, the opposition know what to expect from Ronaldo at 36. But managing to stop him is a completely different quest, and few have succeeded so far as he hits 800 career goals.

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