On this (black) Hack Friday, boohooMAN launched its first augmented reality billboard in Manchester.

The online fashion giant has officially presented its new dystopian vision for this year’s huge Black Friday campaign HACK FRIDAY with its digital figure and “hacker” Robin.

The campaign follows the story of the young Robin who infiltrated the fashion world by offering unexpected discounts to all consumers.

In addition to billboards, they will post QR codes in cities around the world. Each billboard contains a QR code that, when scanned, opens the advanced experience where the hacker comes to life and shows the customer additional offers.

These offers are offered on top of the website promos so that the customer can get a higher percentage off the website.

The move to the AR room comes at a culturally relevant point in time, as Metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency and augmented reality become a prominent force for the future.

Victoria Pearson, Head of E-Commerce at boohooMAN, commented: “Our goal was to improve traditional advertising space by leveraging augmented reality alongside the cyber hacking revolution. This campaign is the first of several digital projects that we are working on to offer customers more value in the long term. ”

CEO Samir Kamani added, “This is an exciting time for the boohooMAN. We offer our customers the opportunity to scan our posters and billboards around the world for special offers and experience our virtual reality. We are proud to be among the first to bring an interactive digital experience of this size to market. ”

boohooMAN will also have some great deals on Friday 26th and Monday 29th November, so be ready!


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