It seems like a long time since Manchester United fans abandoned a game with Glazer’s out protests earlier this year.

This weekend, fans queued in the forecourt to buy Ronaldo shirts.

The Glazers will be amazed at how it turned out. The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was their trump card.

Anti-Glaser voices are drowned out

Regardless of your feelings towards the Glazers, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return is worth celebrating.

This is a world class player, arguably the best of all time, to return to Manchester United.

The Glazers did what had to be done and while this is a small win for them, it’s a win for the fans too.

The Glazers will again make mistakes like they did in the Super League and the mood will build against their ownership.

(Photo by John Peters / Manchester United via Getty Images)

Priorities are becoming clear again

Sky News reported over the weekend that the Glazers are preparing an announcement about Ed Woodward’s successor.

Commercial guru Richard Arnold is slated to be promoted to the role of Woodward.

From a fan perspective, this is the worst-case scenario. Arnold is not a footballer.

He told the Associated Press earlier this year that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was enjoying “phenomenal success” as manager of Manchester United. Whatever your opinion on Solskjaer, this judgment is an exaggeration as United have not yet lifted a trophy under his tenure.

Arnold was the man who crowed over Odion Ighalo and made more Twitter impressions than Donald Trump on the January 2020 deadline [via iNews].

And as The Drum reported in 2014, it was Arnold, not Woodward, who celebrated United’s new noodle partner, quoting: “We’re excited to welcome Nissin into our family of global partners.”

United had the chance to take a forward-looking step

Getting rid of Ed Woodward is overdue. And it was worth a celebration.

But now United will appoint Woodward-lite, with Arnold taking over his position.

United had a chance to change something. Edwin van der Sar would have been the dream date to bring a footballer with management experience at Ajax.

Van der Sar told Goal in 2017: “I haven’t studied marketing at university in four years or worked my way up through Unilever or Coca Cola, but I’m used to 75,000 people seeing every score and every mistake I make. judge correct pressure. “

(Photo by Charlotte Tattersall / Getty Images)

Instead of taking a forward-looking move, the Glazers want more of it. This is not a renovation, but a new coat of paint.

Time will tell if Ronaldo’s move was a patch for the club’s problems. The Glazers would have been crucified if they let him move to City, bringing him back was a step they had to take.

Despite all of Joel Glazer’s promises, the transfer window solutions were the easiest to make and to adhere to.

Arnold’s appointment as CEO shows that her real priorities are to make money commercially. “Fans instead of customers” should be the motto, but now more than ever it feels the other way around.

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