Gary Neville has asked the Glazer family to sell Manchester United.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Neville says it is now time for the glasses to walk away.

Neville spoke passionately about the Glazer family’s lack of investment in club facilities and believes they simply do not have the financial resources to give the club what it needs.

United fans protested the Glazers on Sunday, forcing the Premier League to clash with Liverpool.

(Photo by Anthony Devlin / Offside via Getty Images)

Neville said, “The Glazer family has been tenacious and resilient for many years. I think they are struggling to meet the financial requirements that this club needs and that they have been fulfilling for some time.

“When you think of the club you joined in 2005, they had the best stadium in the country, the best in Europe, the best training ground in Europe, a team that regularly reached the Champions League semi-finals, quarter-finals and final Win the league every season every other season

“If you go behind the scenes, you will see that it is so [the stadium] rusty and rotten.

“If you look at the training ground, it’s not even the top 5 in this country. You haven’t reached a Champions League semi-final in 10 years and haven’t won a league in eight years.

“The land around the ground is underdeveloped, dormant, and derelict, while every other club seems to be developing its facilities and fan experiences.

“You would make a fortune putting the club up for sale now, the time is right and it would be the honorable thing to do.”

Glasses have to listen

Gary Neville gives his opinion and speaks facts at the same time. The Glazer family were never and never will be welcome to Manchester.

As Neville points out, they just cannot financially give United the care it needs because they are unwilling to put their own money into it.

If they sell the club now or reduce their stake significantly to become minority owners, the protests will subside.

What we expect is more non-communication as they try to weather the storm. Make no mistake, this is a bigger storm than you have ever endured in your 16 year tenure.

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