Manchester United are hoping to take silver in the Europa League final against Villarreal tonight.

This would be United’s first trophy since 2017 and, along with the prestige of silverware, it adds extra cash.

How much has United made so far?

According to Eurosport, United has made a total of £ 10.74m in previous Europa League rounds, including just reaching the final.

United earned £ 31.35m in the more valuable group stage of the Champions League.

(Photo by Matthew Peters / Manchester United via Getty Images)

How much would United make from the win?

The prize for winning the final is £ 3.9 million.

This brings United’s total prize pool for this season to £ 35.25million for this season.

Eurosport estimates that United’s total profits will be between £ 60 million and £ 80 million once the television income is added.

Crucial income

European prize and TV money are an integral part of the puzzle when it comes to Manchester United finances.

The club made more money by participating in the group stage of the Champions League than by the entire Europa League run including today’s win.

This shows why it was so important for United to secure another Top 4 spot this season.

Hopefully United will reach the knockout stage next year and increase profits in the process. But first let’s sit back and hope to enjoy victory tonight.

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