Dogs Trust Manchester offers families the opportunity to take free classes to help children feel safe around dogs.

The 90-minute interactive sessions, which include games, quizzes and role-playing games, focus on teaching children how to behave at home and when out with dogs, and how to interact with their four-legged friends. You will also learn how dogs communicate with their human friends.

Melanie Tomkins, Education and Community Officer at Dogs Trust Manchester said, “Dogs are wonderful companions, but in order for us to be happy with our canine friends, it is important to understand them and how we behave around them.

The workshop will really help children and their parents learn more about dogs. We want to help people to feel good, regardless of whether they are having fun with their own dog at home or come into contact with unknown dogs on the go. “

The workshops for children aged 7-11 must be booked in advance. They will take place on July 20th, July 27th, August 10th, August 17th, August 24th and August 31st at the Dogs Trust Manchester in Denton. To book a place for one of the workshops, please contact No dogs will be present at the event.

Places are limited to 20 people. To maximize the number of children, it is preferred that only one adult per family attend. Bookings are accepted according to the “first come, first served” principle.

The workshops can also be held as part of summer clubs. If you would like to organize a course in your summer club, please contact Melanie.


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