A new chain of the UK’s best and most progressive fitness clubs is about to launch in Manchester, supported by serial entrepreneur and investor Matt Haycox.

Matt Haycox is the ultimate comeback story. At the age of 24, he built a multi-million pound strip club and real estate group, only to lose it all in the 2008 financial crash. He opened the first Wildcats club in Wakefield in 2004 and it was the beginning of a spectacular period of growth, creating the largest group of strip clubs in the UK.

His six-figure investment in the multi-million dollar launch of GSquared reflects his belief that the UK’s regional hot spots are currently underserved by luxury gyms and that there is a backlog of health clubs that offer the best in both mental and physical wellbeing.

Matt has meticulously rebuilt his business empire, dwarfing his early success. Realizing that health clubs, rather than lap dance clubs, are better suited to today’s consumer habits, Matt has focused his efforts on developing this side of the leisure and wellness market.

Matt Haycox is a cornerstone of GSquared, which plans to open five more clubs in Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow over the next 18 months. Overall, the company expects to invest £ 5 million in its facilities over the next three years.

Commenting on his investment, Matt Haycox said, “Despite the ups and downs in my career, I have always tried to follow my instincts for future trends and identify markets that are currently underserved. Twenty years ago there was a culture and demand for strip grouting that met my business at the time.

Today, after Covid and in a new era where mental and physical wellbeing is high on our agenda, I believe there is a lot of demand in the UK for what GSquared has to offer. That’s why I’m investing in this fast-growing business. ”

The GSquared Club is located in a 12,000 square meter square below the Grade I listed Royal Exchange in central Manchester. It combines opulent interiors with the latest innovation. Membership is limited to just 800 people, as opposed to the usual 3,000 for a room this size.

As the most exclusive gym and fitness club in Great Britain, it puts wellbeing and health at the center of its offering. In addition to a food bar, climbing wall, obstacle course, indoor running track, treatment rooms and the best available equipment and fitness trainers, it is the first commercial gym in the UK to use the BodPod, a body composition device that calculates body density and body fat percentages.

Membership costs from the entry level £ 95 per month to £ 225 per month for the Platinum Plus level, which includes chauffeured pick-up and drop-off. GSquared is the brainchild of its CEO Andy McGlynn, who has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

GSquared has a 7-step member induction process called ‘YouSquared’ which claims to be the most advanced gym induction in the world including body composition analysis, spine alignment, full health and wellbeing analysis and more. All training and fitness programs are created individually.

GSquared CEO Andy McGlynn commented, “I’ve been in the fitness business for 20 years and it’s no exaggeration to say this opening marks the culmination of my life’s work. GSquared will transform the gym experience for people who want luxury, want truly personal service, and don’t mind paying a little more. “


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