It’s fair to say that Carlos Tevez has a complicated history at Manchester United.

Tevez went from winning the 2008 Champions League with the club to the number one public enemy in 2012 after helping City win the title and then holding up a RIP Fergie sign during their victory parade.

With conflicting emotions, we view the sight of Tevez in a Manchester United shirt in 2021.

Tevez posted a picture on his Instagram feed wearing the blue shirt United wore in the 2008 Champions League semi-finals.

He did so as part of a contest for his 1.7 million Instagram followers to try and win him over.

(Photo by Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images)

It’s hard to forgive Tevez for joining City and his behavior at the club, but his frustration at not being re-signed by United was something easy to relate to before he got it in our faces in the worst possible way threw.

United almost pushed him out by signing Dimitar Berbatov and then decided not to renew his contract the same summer we sold Cristiano Ronaldo.

None of that excuses his behavior in City’s title parade, but those years 2007-2009 were truly glorious.

Tevez formed an impressive front three with Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, winning the Champions League and three straight league titles.

The trio has been and remains one of the best three-way attacks football has ever seen, and those memories should be cherished.

Choose not to forgive Tevez, and that’s perfectly acceptable too. It will forever be a difficult task to reconcile the memories of his run at United and what happened after that.

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