Manchester city center welcomes the Pop-Up Club back as it opens a cozy festive store on King Street and hosts three bustling weekend markets in Deansgate Square for an exciting, eclectic and diverse Christmas shopping experience.

In just 54 days, bustling shoppers and talented local vendors are welcomed to the Pop-Up Club allowing shoppers to discover and purchase unique gifts that will breathe new life into the area’s Christmas shopping offerings. Visitors can discover over 40 curated small brands and designers, including handmade and eco-friendly gifts, cards, ceramics, housewares, jewelry, works of art, children’s prints, and much more.

Brands on offer include Mancun founded brands such as music memorabilia from 71 MANC and embroidered clothing from a creative Bobbins Broider woman.

The Pop-Up Club keeps visitors in the Christmas spirit while supporting small and local businesses with its special series of “Meet the Maker” Christmas workshops.[portingsmallandlocalbusinesseswiththeirspecialseriesof’MeettheMaker’Christmasworkshops[portingsmallandlocalbusinesseswiththeirspecialseriesof‘MeettheMaker’Christmasworkshops

Individuals and groups can socialize and learn new crafts with small business owners in a fun and relaxed environment, allowing guests to chat with creatives for a more meaningful Christmas shopping experience.

The pop-up experience that settles in iconic King Street shopping destination builds on previous successes where shoppers paused to explore the small business experience. Together with well-known retailers such as The White Stuff, Pretty Green and the popular El Gato Negro restaurant, the new store will open its doors to the public from Monday 1st November and will be open until Christmas Eve (December 24th). The store welcomes shoppers to 50 King Street Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Pop-Up Club previously hosted a successful shopping experience on King Street in the summer months that supported many local retailers and small businesses from the Greater Manchester area. Retailers such as Last Ember, Jess Davids Glass, Sighh Studio and Love Kiki Designs will return to the King Street location in the summer after successful stints and takeovers.

Independent retailer Mark Lavelle of candle retailer Last Ember said, “Being able to sell our products in such a prime location is a huge milestone for us. As a relatively new small company, seeing people buy and love our products through the Pop-Up Club makes our hopes of one day doing it all day come true. “

In 2020 the Pop-Up Club helped small retailers and merchants raise £ 140,000 through its events and stores, and this year it has managed to raise £ 200,000 for the small businesses it supports.

The Pop-Up Club is not satisfied with just offering a pop-up shopping experience in the city center, but also holds festive markets in Deansgate Square in November and December. On November 27th and 28th, December 4th and 5th as well as December 11th and 12th, the pop-up markets with a bar and the opportunity to meet the traders behind the goods will take place. Deansgate Square markets are the perfect opportunity for shoppers to have a drink, socialize and rest after a day of shopping on Manchester High Street.

Founder Tillie Peel commented, “We are excited to be returning to Manchester and we can’t wait to open a new, new space on King Street which was a huge success for us last time around. We met so many brilliant dealers and retailers over the summer but also felt very support and welcome from the shoppers and the people of Manchester. We really enjoyed being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city center next to well-known retailers and also living in such a well-known hotspot as King Street.

With Christmas shopping now firmly on people’s minds, we want to help and encourage shoppers to remember that helping local businesses at this time of year can make a huge impact.

There are over five and a half million small businesses registered in the UK * and if each person were to support a small business on just £ 10 it would generate a sizable £ 5.5 million for the local economy and the UK’s high street. ”

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