Sky News has tracked down Avram Glazer and tried to grill him for his Manchester United property.

Fan protests dominate the news with fans managing to postpone the weekend game.

(Photo by OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images)

Sky News reported that Sally Lockwood confronted Avram Glazer in America only to have him ignore her questions and drive away.

She asked if he had anything to say and if he wanted to apologize or get in touch with supporters. Glazer refused arrogantly.

Questions Avram Glazer ignored …

  1. Do you have something to say to the Manchester United fans, Mr. Glazer?
  2. Is it time to sell the Mr Glazer club?
  3. Nothing to say at all?
  4. Are the fans just customers for you?
  5. Is the customer always right, Mr. Glazer?
  6. To say nothing at all to the Manchester United fans, Mr. Glazer?
  7. Is this an opportunity for you?
  8. An excuse maybe?
  9. Are the fans just customers for you, Mr. Glazer?

It was Avram’s brother Joel who was at the forefront of the Super League fiasco, which is believed to be more practical.

Even so, Avram had previously been spotted in the stadiums with Ed Woodward with his brother and should provide the basic courtesy of an answer to the questions.

Supporters are calling for a boycott of the club’s sponsors, which has spread the news of numerous national newspapers.

The pressure is on, and if the media continues to make life uncomfortable for the glasses, the hope is that they will eventually be fed up.

Seeing the disrespect of the glasses towards the fans is angry and adds to the frustration.

He could easily have reacted to try to hold down the storm, but his actions indicated that he just didn’t care.

(Photo by OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images)

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