Jadon Sancho’s move to Manchester United will benefit the entire attacking squad at Old Trafford. The strikers are supported by the connection with the winger and there is added rotation and less stress on them.

Possibly Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be the biggest winner of the deal.

Wan-Bissaka is United’s first right-back and has played 100 games in just two seasons. It was a learning curve for a lot of them, as Wan-Bissaka was outstanding defensively but still gained a foothold in attack.

Not everything was bad. Wan-Bissaka made five assists last season, just one less than Luke Shaw.

The biggest challenge Wan-Bissaka has faced since joining United from £ 50million in 2019 is that he didn’t have a proper right winger in front of him. he only had temporary solutions.

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Finally a real connection

If we remember United’s ’99 Treble winning team, one of the hallmarks of their success was the right-wing partnership between Gary Neville and David Beckham.

Wan-Bissaka has yet to have a winger with whom he could develop a constant connection.

When he joined him, Wan-Bissaka started at United, where Andreas Pereira played on the right side in the 2019/20 season. It didn’t take long.

Dan James was only selected sporadically there and has no experience at this level himself.

Mason Greenwood was the player Wan-Bissaka played the most behind and yet he is clearly not a winger, no one believes it will be his future position.

Greenwood drifts into the box as often as possible, that’s his instinct, rather than hugging the sideline like a traditional winger. Therefore, it is more difficult for him and Wan-Bissaka to combine effectively.

Marcus Rashford has also played on the right at times, but is far more at home on the left wing.

Give Sancho. a

Sancho’s arrival may change things for Wan-Bissaka and give him a chance to improve his connection and attacking play. He will have more chances to offer overlaps and bring in crosses.

United’s new signing can play on the left as well, and that’s a win, but it’s safe to say that at least 50 percent of Sancho’s playing time will be on the right wing, and over the course of the season that is a whopping minute.

Wan-Bissaka made some attack improvements to his game. The numbers show that he had superior attack numbers to both Kyle Walker and Reece James, which were voted into the English squad before him.

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The association with Sancho will benefit Wan-Bissaka and help his game improve, as well as providing more balance to United’s forward play, which was sometimes too leaned to the left.

Besides playing Wan-Bissaka, Sancho will also help. The new winger will have the luxury of having one of the best defensive full-backs in world football behind him. This relieves his defensive duties and allows him to focus more on the attacking side of his game.

This is not a short term solution, it is a long term one. Sancho is the longtime right-winger of United and Wan-Bissaka as a right-back. It can happen right away or it may take a while to get along, but in the end it should be worth the wait.

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