In celebration of National Poetry Day (Thursday October 7th), a colorful new piece of art was unveiled in Manchester, capturing the words of Longsight-born wordsmith and BBC Radio Manchester host David Scott, House by Urban Splash and children of the New Islington Free School shows .

David – who is also the front man of the alternative hip-hop band ARGH KiD – wrote the poem following a project with students looking at what makes New Islington, New Islington, Manchester’s newest neighborhood “at home”. Your finished piece is a beautiful new poem that celebrates the best in town – with the phrase “The heart of MancUnians is U”.

Commenting on the project, David said, “I am so honored and proud to have created this piece with such talented young people.

“This group has sacrificed so much over the past year and I really believe creative channels can help them find our way out of the pandemic. This project allowed them to focus on the positive elements of their surroundings and which parts of this great city they feel safe and at home in.

“Writing down or drawing our feelings is wonderful therapy and some of the lines the kids came up with are award-winning and I’m proud to put them next to my own words as we bring this special piece to the world.”

The art class was part of a wider New Islington renovation project that focuses on the positive difference the neighborhood makes for everyone who lives, works, or plays there. Just a stone’s throw from Manchester city center, New Islington – being created by House by Urban Splash – has already built its reputation as an independent, thriving new neighborhood with a diverse range of dining, entertainment and workplaces.

The area is now an established community with single family homes, apartments, and affordable and social housing linked to independent businesses, sports fields, and its own marina – a tourist attraction in itself. There is also the New Islington Metrolink station, the excellent OFSTED free school and health center.

Tabitha Smith, Headmistress of New Islington Free School added, “We are big art fans and we give our students the opportunity to work with great talent from Manchester like David.

“In a year in which you sacrificed so much, I was delighted to be able to provide you with a fun project – one that inevitably aroused so much pride and you saw so much good in our environment. The finished prose is beautiful and says everything we think is true about New Islington and Manchester.

“I am delighted to be preserving the creative legacy of our students and presenting this poem at our gates; Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. “

Conclusion Toby Brown from House by Urban Splash: “New Islington is a busy, vibrant and exciting neighborhood – and a wonderful place to call home. The school’s students are an incredible part of this community and we are very pleased with the work on display; We look forward to showing it to more potential residents when they check out our newest homes here. “


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