The metropolis of Manchester, home to two leading football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United, has something for everyone because of its wealth of arts, media, sports, history, scientific research and social impact. Voted one of the top 5 cities in the UK by the Global Liveability Index, Manchester is the best platform for an international student to thrive, steeped in tradition yet open to evolution.

Student life is not just about career and responsibility; It’s important to have fun and explore yourself in the process. Here is a comprehensive list of things an international student should consider in order to have a balanced student life.

The best universities in Manchester

Manchester welcomes students from all corners of the world with diverse ambitions, providing them with excellent education and a sense of belonging.

  • University of Manchester: The University of Manchester tops the list of employability and social impact institutions and is one of the best-known single-site universities in the UK. More than 40,000 students start with flying colors and land in their dream careers.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU): With two campuses, one in the city center and the other in Cheshire, the MMU is well served by tram, bus and train connections, making it easy for students. The MMU is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and offers high quality education at various levels and degrees.
  • Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM): As the name suggests, the RNCM is the local music and arts center, where thousands are trained in musical composition and performance. In addition to music, it also offers doctoral programs in various performing arts.

Student dormitories in Manchester

Before you start looking for a home, establish your preferences in terms of cost, amenities and comfort, then go through each type of student residence in the UK to find the one that works best for you.

  • Host family: If you are scared of the idea of ​​living alone, you can stay with a local family who will introduce you to the place and the culture. The host family will provide you with meals and other necessities.
  • Student dormitories: If you want to improve social interaction, it is best to choose the student dormitories managed by the institution or an agency hired by the university. You can meet new friends and build lifelong friendships without assuming many responsibilities.
  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA): If you want a space designed exclusively for students with separate areas to study, play and eat, Manchester Student Housing is the perfect place.
  • Private Housing: If you have separate bills for each amenity and want to take growing up to another level, you can go for student housing in Manchester city center and other areas. In contrast to the PBSA, you are responsible for the maintenance of the house.

Cost of Living for an International Student

Manchester is among the cheapest cities in the UK, attracting millions of students to lead a comfortable life. However, with the right budget planning, you can never go broke in Manchester.

  • Accommodation: Regardless of the location and type of accommodation, it will cost you almost £ 700 to get nice accommodation in the city.
  • Meals: You can cook with your friends, order or dine at the university fair, or try everything. In any case, keep around € 100 for your monthly meals.
  • Transport: You can commute locally by train, tram, taxi, bus or flight for £ 50 a month. Buying a ticket or taking advantage of student discounts is recommended to further reduce transportation costs.
  • Stationery: Although you can rely on digital media or seniors for all study materials, you can set aside a monthly budget of £ 60 for pens, papers and other stationery.
  • Fun and Social Activities: Strict money keeping can destroy the hustle and bustle of international life. Set aside £ 250 every month for travel, shopping, movies, short breaks or fancy house parties.

Places to visit and things to do in Manchester

If you have the opportunity to enjoy the best of cuisine and travel to mysterious places in a distant land, don’t miss the opportunity. Always find fun and exciting activities to do in the new place to make yourself feel at home.

  • Museums and theaters: Manchester has remained true to its love of art and exudes its charm in the Stockport Plaza and Paramount Bookshop, where you can experience history in real time. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Friends show, FriendsFest at Heaton Park is to die for.
  • Restaurants: From burgers to curries to Asian spicy foods and kebabs, Manchester has a number of restaurants in the heart of the city that serve delicacies at student-friendly prices. If you want to indulge in European cuisine, ‘The Sparrows’ is best. ‘Greens’ is a favorite among vegetable lovers.
  • Nightlife: From vibrant music in the rusty cafes to LGBTQ + friendly bars to lively clubs, the city steals the heart of any student who sets foot in it. If you love to see classic street art under the stars, head to the north quarters for best views.

How can Amberstudent help you?

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