Manchester Airport has provided an update on its recovery ahead of the start of the peak summer season.

All schools within the airport’s catchment have now broken up, with more than 3.5m people set to travel through the Northern gateway this summer.

That represents Manchester’s busiest period since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and marks a significant milestone in its recovery.

The whole of the global aviation sector has faced challenges associated with the rapid return of demand since travel restrictions were removed in March.

The UK’s 3rd largest airport has worked hard to recruit more than 600 new colleagues since the start of the year, in order to overcome some of the issues it faced earlier in the year, and to ensure it can operate all of its airlines’ planned schedules this summer.

It revealed today that in July, 92% of people have passed through security in under 30 minutes – a marked improvement on prior months. This last week, more than 95% of passengers got through security in under 30 minutes and more than three quarters of people in less than 15 minutes.

The airport continues to work closely with all the third parties across its site that are responsible for the other processes like baggage, check in, immigration etc to provide support where necessary.

It also continues to reinforce its advice of arriving three hours before your flight, no earlier or later, which can often add to the issue and create unnecessary queues.

Ian Costigan, Chief Operating Officer of Manchester Airport, said:

“As we head into the school holidays and the peak of summer season, we wanted to provide an update to passengers to reassure them before they travel through Manchester Airport.

“We have made huge progress since April, having seen 600 people start work in security since the beginning of the year, with a further 280 waiting to clear background checks and start.

“And we are pleased to report that, as staff numbers have grown, the experience provided to the vast majority of our passengers has improved.

“Throughout July, more than 92% of people got through security in under 30 minutes. We were particularly pleased to see that in the last seven days, more than 95% passed through in under 30 minutes, and nearly three-quarters in under 15 minutes.

“This last week, we have seen more than 95% of passengers pass through security in under 30 minutes and throughout July so far, almost three quarters of passengers have got through in under 15 minutes.

“We are also working closely with third parties across the airport to support their operations.

“As our recruitment continues and more people join the operation, by the autumn we should be back to an improved experience that people are looking for from Manchester Airport, and in a much better place for summer 2023.

“I would like to thank all our passengers for choosing Manchester and wish them all a great summer holiday. I would also like to thank the entire staff that work across Manchester Airport who are playing their part in our recovery, and getting our passengers back to travelling, following the biggest crisis our industry has ever faced.”


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